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Do to other people what you want them to do to you.

Sometimes when you are walking in the malls, people approach you to buy their products.

If you want to promote shampoo, you can perhaps use “it has a nice smell” or “it can help to enhance” but not “you reborn your hair so you must use our conditioner or else all your hairs will drop” it’s like hello? Who said that I reborn my hair? Conditioners are for people who dye their hair isn’t that? And shouldn’t putting more chemicals cause my hair to drop? I think such people should use it first. Your hair is not as straight as mine and you are gonna be bald soon!!! Hahahax! Like, come on! If you want me to buy, it’s okay, but don’t say such things, I’ll seriously feel like rebutting you right at your face and shouldn’t these organizations provide trainings for them?

To promote makeup, maybe you should perhaps teach people how to use them. like “hi miss, today we’ve got a new product and this is to be used like this” or “welcome, would you like me to explain to you our latest product and it’s differentiation” and not “hello, oh no, your foundation is melting and your linings are smirched, come, we’ve got our latest set that can make it last long and natural”. It’s like, hey! Did I even put on makeup in the first place? I’ll take a look if people are teaching how to put on makeup and be amazed by it but do I even know to use it? If I don’t know how to use it then why will I buy it? Don’t you know how to differentiate between foundation and the weather being hot and that’s my perspiration? Why should I makeup and last long instead of being all natural and last till I die instead of just long?

All these kinda sales personnel simply put their companies into my doubts. I’m not trying to be rude here but if you’re gonna talk to me like this, do you expect me to be nice? Oh yes I can, I’ll say “ya, I also think I’m bad so there’s no point for me to use all these” lol…

When you first get to know people, people will go around asking about you and come back to you saying “are you very popular” or “are you very famous” etc… just because when your name is mentioned or your picture shown, people recognizes you so they think you are well-known. Sometimes, this is especially disgusting when that person knows you at your lowest point in life whereby people make fun of you and laugh at you etc. they may not have directly contributed to it by doing such things, but they kept silent which encouraged it. Have you ever thought that because of these, you inflicted hurts on that poor, young and innocent girl?

Because of that KX incident, I woke up and studied, from a student who can barely pass to the level top which eventually, due to my laziness went back to square one. Because of that slap from my mum in front of the whole school, I woke up. But I went to my secondary school and my friends made fun of me. Because of that, my parents said “Why do you always have to find so much trouble for me? Can’t you handle things by yourself?”

From that day onwards, I said to myself I shall not depend on others. Right after I finished O level, I went to work as a cashier. Other than my college’s school fees, being financially independent is extremely important to me. it’s not totally about the money but how will you feel if someone buys you a phone and you accidentally drop it and that person say you don’t respect their things? How would you feel if someone pays your phone bills but ask you who you message or call? How would you feel if someone pass you their cards and ask you why you buy things? Or whatever… Okay, yes, you must tell as well, but if that person is gonna be like ruling over you, then for me, I think it’s okay, forget it, I can handle myself.


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