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9 Deadly words used by women.

My friend and I were surfing online and we came across this

Let’s go through them one by one :)

1. Fine.
I do use it. I use it to end argument or conversation. It doesn’t mean that I’m right. It means that since you insist on it so much then continue because I can’t be bothered and I’m gonna move on.

2. Five minutes.
I use this word only when people disturb me from my sleep. It simply means I wanna fall back asleep. That’s it.

3. Nothing.
Well, for this, I’m currently on the phone with my friend. He said “when you say nothing, it’s nothing~~~” which simply means there’s a lot of thing and you better shut your mouth up and let me do all the talking. But you better listen for I’ll test you after that. For this, my view about it is: fine.

4. Go ahead.
I often say this. To me, it simply means, if you think so highly of yourself, then go ahead. Similarly, I can’t be bothered much.

5. Loud sigh.
I only use this when I can’t get my work done the way I planned it to be.

6. That’s okay.
I don’t wanna argue about this cause I don’t think I actually use this phrase.

7. Thanks.
To me, it simply means I appreciate the efforts being made.

8. Whatever.
It simply means I can’t be bothered about it so just do whatever you want as long as it doesn’t affect me.

9. Don’t worry about it, I got it.
Well, if a guy is not gonna help then be independent. This isn’t something new to me. But once I get it done myself, then I DONT NEED YOU. So nothing’s wrong and if I’m not gonna need you, is there a reason for anything else?

Simple right? Yup =)
Anyway, I can’t even vote in this coming presidential election which means I’m not even an adult yet, can’t really consider me as a woman. LOL!


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