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Crab at Crystal Jade Palace Restaurant

I went clementi mall for lunch today, guess who I saw?
I saw Michelle lol
I guess the last time we were so near was when she saw me at cineleisure.
Now’s my turn to see her but I think she was meeting her friends even though we were both alone
Then one of my seniors texted me that's he's ill and he was at clementi too, with his mom, lol
Singapore is so small~~~

We were talking about money.
He was telling me about his business and blah blah blah…
Then I was asking stuffs, you know I always got stuffs to ask to whoever about whatever whenever wherever =D
Anyway, I am known for my independent personality and career woman characteristic so yep :)
I don’t play mind games, I’m always direct and honest about stuffs, should people play say "it's private", "it's secret", "it's personal" or whatever…
You know how I will behave.

You are right, I am talkative, I need to talk, and I need to talk to people who will answer my questions.
During uni, I already said, if a guy is aiming to be more than friends, go out for a meal with him, minimum to be Amax.
Be practical, if you're gonna be with him, you gotta get marry, settle down.
Financial wise, he needs to have a stable income to support a family.
Otherwise, just be friends, no string attached, free and easy.
I wasn’t amazed when guys now "upgrade" their answer as compared to when I asked them back then, saying "I want her to get financial security with me" because there are people who use action to prove.

Then, this only works with girls who depends on guys to get what she wants because she can’t earn.
Next is to see if he'll bring you home and show his parents, relatives and friends :D
Else, you're just friends regardless of what he says during the meal.
Just eat and go like how you tap and go.
I don’t need to ask about financial status.
It’s just a question to see how the guys will respond.

It’s not as if I’ll see any concrete evidence =.=

I see my own lecturers getting married soon or now, they buy houses, punggol...
Ten years ago, one can sell away one 3-room in Queenstown for a 5room executive there, now, you can sell away one 3-room in Queenstown for two 5room executive there and probably a car as well :|
So buying a house and the size of it doesn’t matter, the location first, followed by the kind.
Even if it's both of the same size, what's inside the house also matters.
There are people who got a 3room flat but get about 50k renovation.
People who get a 5room executive got about 10k renovation.

And renovation is either paid by cash or interest is higher than average.

For dinner today, my fren gave a treat for my birthday that was so long ago.
The crab’s about $200, I saw one at vivo, about my palm size, $88 each.


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