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Radin Mas SMC

Dear Singaporeans,

As you have heard from the news, I was at 11 Prinsep Link today.

I will be contesting Radin Mas SMC as an independent candidate.

After six years of advocacy since 2010 on bettering our daily lives from education to transportation to housing to retirement to a brighter future, I can finally take part in an election.

From a volunteer with the incumbent during my college days to helping the opposition since the previous election, it is important to prevent walkovers given the current situation.

Radin Mas is the closest SMC to my home in Queenstown. Radin Mas SMC is one of the PAP's strongest SMC winning 67.1% of the votes in the previous election. Nonetheless, I will step forward and voice out the concerns of Singaporeans, for the elections is the time when our voice should be heard.

My team and I have been walking at Radin Mas SMC since 2013. The people who attended #ReturnOurCPF events at Hong Lim Park are also mainly the elderly from Radin Mas SMC.

We have prepared the necessary documentation, done our printing and logistics. But we still need you, we need more volunteers to spread the word to more residents at Radin Mas SMC.

We are also looking for 10,000 Singaporeans to help us with the cost of organising two rallies at Radin Mas SMC. All transactions will be published for transparency and accountability.

Please support by giving a dollar and contribute to POSB Savings 279-12328-0. Together we shall unite to bring change and have our voice in parliament.

Please help to share this meaningful activity with your friends.

Thank you.

Your fellow Singaporean,
Han Hui Hui


Unknown said…
Can contribute more than $1?
Pippo said…
Can donate more? Thanks..
Nigel said…
The donations you're asking for are political donations. If not declared and accounted properly, you're going to end up in jail

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