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Under what basis is our transcript being rejected?

It has been more than a week since we have asked why the four Deputy Public Prosecutors from the Attorney General's Chambers deleted the evidence presented in court and more than two months since our request for transcript but there is no respond up till date.

Referring to the #ReturnOurCPF case where the four Deputy Public Prosecutors involved are:
1. Senior Director/Senior State Counsel/DPP Francis NG Yong Kiat
2. Deputy Senior State Counsel/DPP John LU Zhuoren
3. State Counsel/DPP Amanda CHONG Wei-Zhen
4. State Counsel/DPP Jane LIM Ern Hui

During the trial, there was only one video evidence and the 14 witnesses who took the witness stand are as follow:
1. Lim Tuan Ngee, YMCA videographer
2. Regina Ann Siew Kian, mother of 27 years old son, Benjamin who was performing on the YMCA’s stage
3. Karen Lee Nui Li Noira, mother of teenage daughter, Grace who was performing on the YMCA’s stage
4. Liew Siew Ling, sis-in-law of 43 years old woman, who was performing on the YMCA’s stage
5. Cindy Tan Chai Hong, mother of 22 years old daughter, Koh Yi Le who was performing on the YMCA’s stage
6. Ariffin Iskandar Sha Bin Ali Akbar
7. Samantha Seah May Ann, YMCA personnel
8. Victor Poh, YMCA personnel
9. Abraham Ho Bang He, YMCA personnel
10. Tia Quah Siew Jian, YMCA personnel
11. Sim Bee Lan, Nparks personnel
12. Chia Seng Jiang, Nparks personnel
13. Chionh Chun Meng Eric, police officer
14. Samantha Wong Yu Wei, police officer

The one video evidence ( that they have presented in court has been inaccessible for two months.
The account of the videographer, Lim Tuan Ngee, who is one of the Prosecutors' witnesses ( is also unavailable.
It is bad enough that we are not given the transcript so that we can prepare for our 3-days trial next year from 24 to 26 February 2016.
Why is it that the only video evidence is also deleted?

YMCA has deleted all the evidence of them changing their timings online, now that our only video evidence is gone, is this fair to us?
How can we have a fair trial when the evidences are all destroyed?
Not only that, the disks that they have given in court are also all empty, how can we have justice this way?
What is wrong with asking for transparency and accountability with regards to our hard-earned CPF money?

Why are we not given our transcript to prepare for trial?
We were told that we have to hurry to ask our questions within half an hour or it will be “just too bad” for us.
The witnesses have said many things that were useful as our defence.
Is there justice and fair trial when we are being denied of our transcript in court?

Under what basis is our transcript being rejected?
Why is it that the judge said that we will be given our transcript after the 4-days trial two months ago to prepare for next year but now you do not give us our transcript?
Where are our basic human rights to justice and fair trial?


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