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What is happening to Singapore that is causing people to be unable to pay their S&CC?

On 8 March 2014, we went to Hong Lim Park because of the increase in Service and Conservancy Charges.

Despite the Singapore government fining me SGD$3100 and disqualifying me from standing from election.
Why are they still banning me from going to Hong Lim Park?

Because there was a time where people didn’t know what is speakers’ corner, what is CPF, what is S&CC, what is transparency, accountability and justice.

Do you know that the allowance for doubtful conservancy and service debts amounting to $1,515,045 (2014: $1,219,088) has been estimated on the basis of age of debts, result of recovery efforts and historical experience?
This means that doubtful S & CC debts increased by 24.3 per cent ($1,515,045 divided by $1,219,088) in one year.
What are Singaporeans doing about it?

Conservancy and service fees receivables amounting to $1,757,839 (2014: $1,834,686) are not impaired, as the management believes that it will be collectible in the foreseeable future as a result of recovery efforts and based on historical experience.
What kind of method will the government be using in order to extort money out from you?
Police? Raiding? Jail?

The above statistics are an indication of how many residents may have difficulty paying their S & CC fees, then what is the percentage for all the town councils?
What is happening to Singapore that is causing people to be unable to pay their S&CC?


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