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Han Hui Hui deletes negative comments?

Nah, I collect them LOL

On 28 Sep…

Teo Jun Hao

Aren’t we supposed to lose our virginity to our spouse?

Stephanie Tan

You coming to my facebook?

YW Cool

Should we protest at Istana instead of HLP?

Chris Lu

His is clean because it comes out from his mouth?

Yiting Ong

Share yours since you ask first?

Tommy Passport

People who want their money locked up?

Roy lee

It gets him to comment on my facebook?

Judson Shun Jie Teo

Did I join any opposition party?

Kamal Singh

Why are you still alive?

Kelvin Teo

Did I say I’m opposition?

Andrew Tan

Insider information?

Louis Cheng

What a blatant lie?

Tan Cher Hwee

Reason being my wall has your comment?

Nicky Ting

What are you doing at my facebook?

Martin Tang

What’s your education level?

Iverson Yew

To take selfie?

Ernest Lim

Hilarious right?

Richard Poh

Lee Kuan Yew’s Internal Security Act?

Jeb Tan

Why are you coming to my facebook?

Ray Yap

This is how you teach your child?

Atalia Chua

Go to my youtube before coming my wall?

Andy Siau

What’s mine compared to yours?

Gerard Lee

Did I not?

David Tan

Wife or children?

Jay L JG

Agree stat board is government?

On 29 Sep…

Dino Ding

Little India riot or bus drivers’ strike?

On 30 Sep…

Samantha Ying

I don’t go under the knife like you?

And as I’m typing this, check out these people who I can’t be bothered to reply:

Fong Ling Choong

Patrick Ryuichi Liu

Steven Cai

Spencer Chua Jun Yu

Hui Jia

Benny Nasirelli

Yc Pang

Serina Ang

Let me know if you’ve commented but I didn’t see your comment :)


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