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Singapore's Public Order Act includes REAL TIME TRANSMISSION in or outside Singapore

Dear Nparks,

According to Singapore's public order act, Speakers’ Corner in Hong Lim Park is "designated to be an area where assemblies or processions may be held without a notice being given or a permit being granted".

According to the law, an individual “engages in public speaking” if the individual speaks “by real-time transmission of the individual’s public speaking that is taking place elsewhere (whether in or outside Singapore and whether in a public or private place)”.

As per Nparks' email on Sunday (21 April 2019) after 9pm, I'm alright to not hold any event at Speakers’ Corner in Hong Lim Park in May 2019.
However, will Nparks then let me hold a similar meet-and-greet at the Botanic Garden or is Nparks trying to stop me from having any event again?

According to the police’s definition, my event is also not a "cause-based event" but a sharing of my life as a Singaporean.
Will I be allowed to do the same as a Singaporean at Botanic Garden or is there going to be double standards?


Han Hui Hui

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