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My first time at the police station in 2021

My first time at the police station in 2021

Posted by Han Hui Hui 韩慧慧 on Friday, 7 May 2021

 Yesterday was my first time at the police station in 2021.

I haven't been posting the past few days because of ongoing investigation, and I have to arrange for a way to bring both my babies to the police station as they are still breastfeeding via latching. Online comments will then show many people taking issues with breastfeeding via latching. First, most mothers in Singapore don't even have breast milk to begin with. Second, even if they have breast milk, it's usually insufficient so they have to complement with formula. Third, there are mothers who have breast milk, but they do not breastfeed at all cause they bottle-feed instead. I've breastfed and still breastfeeding two babies every single day of my life for two years and counting. I travelled for both pregnancies, I breastfed during conferences, I breastfed during pregnancy on flights, and I travelled all the way till the same month I gave birth. Since I breastfeed both babies, I didn't have confinement nanny or any helper because only I myself can do the feeding. Fed is best. I know of babies who are formula fed. Some because the mother have insufficient breast milk, others because the mother is tired of doing household chores. Either way, as long as the family is happy and they don't resort to stealing formula milk powder, then what's the issue? Oh yes, people in Singapore not only steal milk powder, they steal diapers too: Not only do parents resort to stealing milk powder or diapers in Singapore, Singaporeans are resorting to stealing grocery vouchers too: So why is Singapore in such a state now? Breastfeeding comes with it's own sets of issues. Like my two babies have to follow me wherever I go, even if it means taking the plane to attend overseas conferences with me. Or going down to the police station for police interrogation. Making negative comments against me won't allow you to produce any breast milk. Instead... Why do mothers not have milk? Is it because Singapore has one of the world's highest rate of cesarean? I know of at least one mother who wanted to give birth naturally but the doctor doesn't want to work on weekends, so the doctor arranged for the surgery, resulting in premature babies as the hospital calculated the due date wrongly. Why do mothers have insufficient breast milk? Is it because Singapore is a stressful country to live in? Statistically, Singapore has the world's highest cost of living, since it's the only government that doesn't spend a single cent on public housing, public healthcare and pensions for retirement. Why do mothers not breastfeed but bottle-feed? Is it because in most families, both parents have to work in order to pay for bills? Physically, parents, especially mothers, are unable to be by the side of their children because a single income is insufficient to support a family financially. Then becoming negative towards me won't solve the problems. You should probably take umbrage at the policies makers. More work life balance, so that you can be with your children. More family policies, so that you don't worry about your children. More healthcare policies, so that your future generations can benefit. To prevent unfortunate incidents like this too:


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