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Singapore Police Force released two clips of body-worn camera footage

Yesterday, 25 May 2021, Singapore Police Force released two clips of body-worn camera footage from an incident in Yishun involving officers who had engaged an elderly woman who was not wearing a mask in public:

Law and Home Affairs Minister said a viral video of police pointing finger at an elderly was a cynical, unethical and malicious attack on the police:

This is not the first time Singapore police release camera recordings.

Previously, Singapore Police Force also released the CCTV for 73-year-old Madam Josephine Savarimuthu showing "video recordings of the sequence of events during the time ... in police custody":

Such Public Relations that Singapore Police and Ministers are building with the public yet not releasing the CCTV of how they put me in SOLITARY CONFINEMENT, only emphasizes the fact that the Singapore Police Force is being used for political persecution and personal vendetta:


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