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They are more desirable than the finest gold; they are sweeter than the purest honey.

Today is a last minute day; everything that happened today was so last minute.

Met siting in the morning and fetch my mum out in the noon then went to watch

There’s nothing very special about the movie, just some girls being naïve and falling in love.

My mum was “being caring” about my dress code, to be exact, she was complaining that I don’t dress properly. So I went to and talk about the whole story whereby I shaved my hair in the past. I was like, I shaved my hair, but no one treated me as a guy. When they started growing, they were short; no one treated me as a guy as well. I just have that girl face. When people look at me, the first thing is, you should wear a dress. If I were to go out with them and try on a dress, they’ll sure go, maybe you should add on a pair of heels. After which if I do so, they will go, maybe put on necklaces and the list goes on…

After which received a call from shu hui after ending a call from banana.
As usual, he was being sarcastic, but there’s something that he talked about: humans being metal pieces.
Girls are magnetic materials and guys are electromagnets.
Guys just gotta know how to switch themselves on to get girls, that’s why there are guys who can get many girls because they are strong electromagnets.
However, some guys are like weak electromagnets that practically have no strength or some are as good as magnetic materials instead of electromagnets which mean that they can’t get girls but behave like girls, in layman terms, they are gays, hahahahahax!
So why are some guys like strong electromagnets, because they are rich, powerful, influential, handsome etc…
I was like “oh, so you are a playboy” and he was like no, where got then I went, well you are rich and he said “no, that’s wrong, I’m not rich, it’s that my parents are well to do” fine =.=
Then I was like “so?” and I started my theory…
I don’t need a guy for his money, I started working at the age of 16 as a cashier, that’s how I got my CPF account, since then I’ve been financially independent except for my college fees.
He rebutted it with “stop your modern career woman mentality”
Neither do I need a guy who is powerful and influential, is like I’m gonna lead a controlled life or probably a life full of attention?
Nor do I need a guy who is good looking; looks depreciate with time, just like cars.

Talking about cars, I was browsing through magazines, and it’s like I was looking through torque then my friend was like why am I looking at that? And I was like am I not supposed to? There was another time that I went out with my brothers to borders, I went to pick up FHM and they were like “don’t touch that, put it down” and I was like why? They actually expect me to read things like teenage, seventeen etc so I went “I don’t read” I mean if you look at FHM or torque, those are pictures, much more entertaining.

Prior to that, you gotta know one thing, I’ve NEVER touch a Barbie doll in my life thus far except looking at it last Christmas when I was thinking what to buy for girls but it was in a box which in the end I put it down. During my childhood, I played pokemon, digimon, ninja turtles, power rangers, legos etc…

By the way, harry potter is gonna be out on 14th July, I wanna watch it on that day itself, really wonder what’s my schedule by then :/

After sleeping for like around three hours for the past consecutive nights, I’ve got a pimple on my chin. And I’m still blogging away, the time now is 3am plus. Tomorrow, I’ll get to school and people are sure to ask “why do you have a pimple on your chin?” to think that people still “admire” me for my fair skin when my skin is so much tanner than in the past. Do you realize, if you’re fair, one simple mark and people will go “OMG!” like do you have to report to God or are you gonna help me to pray about it so that it will be gone? But people with dark skins, no matter what they have on their skin, no one will ask.
Okay, I shall take it as the people around me care about me.

About the conversation with shu hui, she knows that this is an important month but she forgot what day makes it such an important day, disappointed *shaking my head*

My name is hui hui, as in my REAL name. And that’s my only name as well. People always go, you’re really called hui hui? Why? Is this name too cute or me or am I too cute for this name? Or did you see it somewhere that someone who looks like me but has a different name? But I do know many girls who call themselves this but don’t look like me. I mean there are many girls who got a hui in their name and they call themselves hui hui. And oh yes, I got my com a year ago and photos got leaked online but it’s already over, I didn’t see any more of fake profiles or whatsoever and I can’t be bothered about it so you don’t have to let me know about it provided it’s serious.

Come on, I’ve heard people telling my friends that I’m a scam, I’m not real, I’m a trans, I’m a guy using girls photos, I’m a girl using other girls photos etc. Do you know what? No one ever said that I look good in photos, I’m not even photogenic at all, and I know that. I’m a human, imperfect. If you doubt me, don’t bother talking to me because I can’t be bothered talking to you as well. What’s the point of talking to me and listening to what I say when you don’t believe me? One word – dumb. And it’s time wastage, time = money. To me, things are simple; there is someone better, then go ahead, good luck :)

Back to talking with shu hui, she went universal studio, I was like “how can you go there without me?!?!?!”

With that, I shall end this with using casino related stuffs to talk about relationship.
Like a pack of cards (wolves)
First, they claim they HEART you.
Second, they give you DIAMOND.
Third, they use a CLUB to kill you.
Finally, use a SPADE to bury you.

How creative can I get, kidding XD


HEAVEN said…
what if the electromagnet has a reverse polarity and works hard at not attracting anybody? maybe that would be like a homeless person or maybe me a poor kid like me lmao. i'm also curious why girls or magnetic materials have no role, mind of their own, or choice in life except to be attracted to electromagnets? It makes it seem as if magnetic material has no free will and its only purpose is to be used by the electromagnets until their attraction dissipates with age and is later to be replaced by a newer material. this theory also seems to justify that cheating is ok because the electromagnet, once turned on, has no control of his power, therefore if many materials are attracted at once then the electromagnet is not responsible for attracting/enjoying all the excess material that came to it.

p.s. i finally got around to creating an account lolz

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