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SINGAPORE: Preschool Education System

According to #pap #pcf #sparkletots Assistant CEO Ms Tan Lee Jee, Temasek (whose CEO is Ho Ching) provides funds to PCF (whose head is the PM: Lee Hsien Loong) and according to Lee Kuan Yew, our CPF was invested via Temasek, is there any conflict of interest?


On 12 June 2021, I attended PAP Community Foundation preschool Q and A but my questions were not answered.

1. What percentage of Singaporean children are enrolled in PCF? According to PCF website, there are 360 preschools for 40,000 children age six years and below. According to Singstat website, about 40k children were born each year, totalling to about 240k children age six years and below.


2. According to PCF assistant CEO (on 12 June 2021) the fees for kindergarten is $160 but it's stated to be $171.20 on the website due to a 7% GST, may I know if lower income families need to pay GST since the GST was implemented to help the poor instead of being a burden to the poor? $11.20 for 12 months is $134.40 per year per child (more than USD$100).


3. How many children successfully applied for the Kindergarten Fee Assistance Scheme and how much are they given specifically? I have tried going down to PCF to ask but it was closed due to communicable disease last month (as seen in this photo) I have read in the news that families earning below $12,000 per month can apply for it and can get up to $170 subsidy. But what exactly is the benchmark and numbers?


4. What will happen to children who are unable to get into the preschool nearest to their homes? I'm currently a resident in Tanjong Pagar GRC under Minister of Education Chan Chun Sing and will be moving to Nee Soon GRC under Minister of Law and Home Affairs Shanmugam the nearest PCF Sparkletots is at Nee Soon Link Blk 461 Yishun Avenue 6 #02-01. However, there is no way to register for it online, as it's assumed to be full. As such, how can children be ensured that they will be given a place so that parents do not have to spend more money on transportation?


5. Anyone knows the list of subsidies mentioned by the PCF assistant CEO (on 12 Jun 2021) and how can parents apply for them?


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